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Megalesia 2020 | Artistic, poetic and feminist interviews / Megalesia 2020 | Entretiens artistiques, poétiques & féministes



Interview with


Claudia Piccinno




Tatjana Debeljački


​​​​​​​© Crédit photo : "Claudia Piccinno", image fournie par Tatjana Debeljački.



Tatjana Debeljački – Generally speaking, what advice would you give us about author’s temptation ? Please provide an example of “what not to do ?”


Claudia Piccinno I think an author should not  write without a research work, he should not  follow a literary trend, but his heart and mind, last but not least he should not use socials as a dustbin.


TD – Balance of scenery of desire and ambition, beauty “secret” of success ? 


CP  Success ? I believe success is easy when you do what you like, so if you follow your dreams, soon or later you’ll succeed, but this does not mean you’ll become more rich or powerful, success is a self development, according to our desires.


TD – Creation aims to leave a mark, the mark of faith in people and humanity, and this faith does not leave you ? 


CP  A true artist always believes humanity has a second chance to realize herself in a better way, if mind and religion are not enough to survive, we have to look for Art. This faith in Art as an escape device for humanity helps me to trust again after each disappointment, so my research of beauty is my faith.


TD – Do you express ease of writing, the dominance of passion and culmination ?


CP  No true poet can write a poem without passion or culmination. We can write some reflections, a description, a shopping list, but not a poem. I need to be angry, or sad, or disappointed, or surprised to write a good poem.


TD – On the wings of the intimate, radiant empires remain in the curiosity of an author ? 


CP  Yes, I agree with you, my curiosity is first of all about my soul, nevertheless we should  look around too. We should listen the needs of marginality and we have the moral duty to give them a voice.


TD – Do you feel that your writing process is continually evolving, or have you found a way for your memory to always readily work for you ? 


CP  Writing style changes according to our life and to our readings, so fortunately, it is always in progress, anyway my usual technique is: observing, feeling, taking notes.


TD – All poets were a little scared with insomnia in them ? 


CP  I’m not. Indeed as the Italian poet Alda Merini wrote:” Poets usually work at night”, so do I.

When I can’t sleep, I get up, I make my relaxing herbal tea and I sit to my desk with a copybook.


TD – Who is Claudia Piccinno, in a civilization and also in the artistic sense of consciousness and conscience ? 


CP  I’m first of all a teacher, I try to live according my conscience in each step of my daily routine, at school with my pupils, at home with my family. Not always I have consciousness of my mistakes, but when I realize I was wrong, I try to apologise.


TD – What inspires you most when writing ? 


CP  Life is our teacher; migrants troubles, handicap diseases, cancer, environment pollution and similar topics are in my lyrics.


TD – Have you ever been tempted to return and change your potential ? 


CP Sometimes I think that too sensitiveness is a kind of curse, because every feeling is amplified, but in the same time it is the real source of my talent. An italian proverb recites: those born round, can not die square.


TD – Do you enjoy with all senses with experience and passions of the gift ? 


CP  Yes of course, I live my gift with the same intensity, in best time as in worst time.


TD – What can we expect from you in the near future on the creative agenda ?


CP – My poetry book Hypothetical landing has just been translated into French, Macedonian, and Serbian language; it will be published into Arabic language in the Emirates, and in German and Spanish language too. But a great cooperation makes me happier: Albanian poet Agron Shele and I are next to launch an Italian book together. Title is Rime Sparse : il suono di due voci poetiche del Mediterraneo. 

I really believe that true Art makes people as brothers and sisters, no envy is possible when you trust your talent.


Portrait de Claudia Piccinno par Tatjana Debeljački :


Le regard de Claudia Piccinno est ample et circulaire. Elle se soucie du sort des moins fortunés, des réfugiés de guerres, des immigrants, des malades et des gens sans défense, malheureux et souffrants. 

Sa compassion, grande et enveloppante, ne vient pas seulement du cœur mais aussi de la raison. 

Avec sa plume délicate et maniée habilement, l’auteure s’exprime avec beaucoup d’humanité sur les maux de la société. Ses mots parviennent à nous toucher, grâce à sa narration toujours parfaite et modulée, loin des tons de rhétorique.




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Tatjana Debeljački, « Interview with Claudia Piccinno », Le Pan poétique des muses|Revue féministe, internationale & multilingue de poésie entre théories & pratiques : Megalesia 2020, mis en ligne le 10 mai 2020. Url : http://www.pandesmuses.fr/megalesia20/claudiapiccinno


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