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Deep and fascinating



Interview with Yoshiko Yoshida





Tatjana Debeljački



© Crédit photo : Yoshiko Yoshida, illustration n°1



Tatjana Debeljački When did you discover your artistic talent ?


Yoshiko YoshidaI was so fascinated by my late great master Shukyo Sasano with his calligraphy works and also when I saw when he draw. I felt it as musics by Rostropovich, sometimes Itzhak Perlman’s. I involved so much into calligraphy which gives me great joy and the idea of Calligraphy needs rhythm and body movements as well, in other words, it asks you to be conscious of your breathing. It is like meditation. When I was aware of it, I think I could be a calligrapher.


Tatjana Debeljački Where do you find inspiration and whose artistic work do you enjoy most ?


Yoshiko YoshidaI get inspiration, when I find myself open to be synchronized with to learn and write some Chinese or Japanese classics, I am so released and I feel ‘Someone Great’ blesses me. When I attain such state of mind, I can accept myself, and can go ahead with producing my own woks with Chinese characters and developing abstractive calligraphy freely based on classics. That is what I feel great joy.


Tatjana Debeljački "Japan art festival" exhibition in Paris new movement of calligraphy in Japan by Sokyu Ueda ?


Yoshiko YoshidaYes ! Sokyu Ueda is my great master’s master ! He brought us new calligraphy movement in Japan, which can be called ‘Abstract calligraphy or Chinese ink image calligraphy. I saw a lot of his works which are so free and deep. 


Tatjana Debeljački International Exhibition of Calligraphy,fairytale art and adventure with the enjoyment ?


Yoshiko YoshidaYes, it is ! I totally agree with the exhibition is adventure with the enjoyment and deep thoughts of our human being as well !


Tatjana Debeljački Is there anything that connects poetry and painting ? How do you see them together ?


Yoshiko YoshidaYes, I sometimes write Japanese tanka (which has 5, 7, 3, 7.7 syllables from 9th C. AD. Also free poetry… It also the wonderful meeting of the arts and collaboration of the different art worlds. I have sent you a work which got the prize of Calligraphy in Graphic triennale in St. Petersburg in 2014, in which I wrote Basho Matsuo’s Haiku.


© Crédit photo : Yoshiko Yoshida, illustration n°2


Tatjana Debeljački The paintings of artist have been exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions ?


Yoshiko YoshidaI was invited to France, Belgium, Russia, and Norway to join groug exhibitions and also numerous times of group exhibition, and solo exhibition in Japan and I am been inviting a solo exhibition in Japan this year, too.


Tatjana Debeljački What can you tell us about your work, prizes, journeys and friendships ?


Yoshiko YoshidaIt was great honor to collaborate the ballet work ‘Soul directed by previous 1st soloist Morihiro Iwaba and Ballet dancers in Bolshoi theaters in Moscow. And also collaborated Ashura 阿修羅 with a very famous principal Farukh Ruzimatov in Mariinsky theater in St. Petersburg. I am so happy and glad to have group exhibitions in Europe, as I can learn what is the human beings and hearts from the people that we can only eventually meet.


Tatjana Debeljački The Mastering the art of Japanese calligraphy,more of everything they know little about mastering the art ?


Yoshiko YoshidaCalligaraphy as arts and Calligraphy written in beautiful letters are absolutely different. The latter ones’ issue is how to train to obtain good hand writing and can’t be beyond the former calligraphers’ works and can’t feel their feelings.

But as arts of calligraphy, you have to feel the feelings of the calligraphers you are learning. And breath, rhythm in them and their personality, historical ground, cultures etc. They are so deep and fascinating.


Tatjana Debeljački Oriental resonance imaging showing me ease the supremacy of lust and climax ?


Yoshiko Yoshida –  I am sure that I am deeply influenced by Oriental culture and lives, but also our education system in Japan is coming from Europeans. I saw a lot of beautiful cultural heritages in my town and also I used to learn a lot from European cultures like music, literature, paintings, etc. So I can’t say what I have in my mind.

Is there anything that you could pinpoint and tell us about yourself between dreams and reality ?

I don’t know about it, as I don’t know what I can meet in my path in future. I feel, I am here. I live. That is what I think.

I want to see the same balance of Black and White parts in my works that can be quite new for our Far Eastern calligraphy.




Ryoshu Yoshida/Yoshiko Yoshida

© Crédit photo : Yoshiko Yoshida



1959 : she was born in Nara, Japan. And learned calligraphy 7 to 18 years old in Nara with leading Shoin Komatu.

2000 : continued calligraphy with the guidance of Master Shukyo Sasano, became a member of Bokusho-kai which founded by Shukyo Sasano. Since 2000 she participate in the exhibition by Bokusho-kai every year.

2005 : the work ‘TAMASHII’ was used in Bolshoi theater, which was directed by Morihiro Iwata :1st soloist in Bolshoi theater

2005 : she founded Kanoka-kai in Fukuyama, organized exhibition every year till 2011.

2007 : participated in collaboration with a Principal Farukh Ruzimatov in Mariinsky theater in St. Petersburg. She wrote ‘ASHURA’ for the ballet, which is shown in many theaters in Japan and all over the world.

2010 : become a member of ‘Gyokuru-kai’ as her master Shukyo Sasano passed away.

2010 : become a member of ‘International Exhibition of Calligraphy’ in Moscow, Russia

2010 : participated in ‘3rd International Calligraphy Exhibition’ in Velikii Novgorod. She gave a lecture about ‘From Chinese Characters to Kana’

2011 : organized 6th Exhibition of Kanoka and invited calligrapher from France (Michel D’anastasio) and 2 calligraphers from Norway.

2011 : participated in the exhibition ‘A lady who has 2 faces’ in Paris invited by Hassan Makaremi whose work was bought by UNESCO.

2012 : participated in the exhibition ‘Jue d’encre” Ormesson-sur-Marne’ in Ormesson in France with Michel D’anastasio.

2012 : participated in the exhibition ‘ the exhibition of anniversary of 150th birth of Vazha-Pshavela’ in Tbilisi national University in Georgia.

2012 : participated in 4th International Calligraphy exhibition in Moscow

2013 : had The exhibition ‘To open and beyond oneself’ with Michel D’anastasio and Michal Korman in Kurashiki, Okayama

2013 : made a poster and a banner for Russia National Biryad ballet and opera theater

2013 : solo exhibition in Kurashiki

2014 : participated in Exhibition in Askoy in Norway

2014 : got the prize of Calligraphy with Vitaly Shapovalov in 2nd graphic triennial in St. Petersburg

2015 : participated in 5th International Calligraphy Exhibition in Moscow

2015 : had an solo exhibition in Kurashiki, Okayama

2016 : had a group exhibition in Okayama Gyokuryukai

2016 : organized and participated in international calligraphy exhibition ‘What’s 書道(calligraphy)’ in Kurashiki Okayama



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